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In the past, having a tailor-made suit made was a necessity; today it is a luxury. Industrialisation, with the resulting mass production, has meant that companies focus exclusively on productivity, neglecting spontaneity and emotionality,

With the Autumn Winter 2022 collection, once again Claude Milano seeks, instead, to continue his research into fine fabrics and the tactile experience that the fabrics selected for his clothes offer, seeking not only quality in the fabric, but also originality in combining the plain colours of the collection with exclusive prints that propose an original and particular vision of dressing.

The visual element of colour has the strongest effect on our emotions, it is the element we use to create atmospheres or sensations, and so the colours petrol, mustard, red, velvets and silks printed with floral and geometric prints are the elements that distinguish us

And, once again, Made in Italy is the protagonist

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