About us

A family story

CLAUDE Milano is a dream that comes true.

Starting in the early ‘90s in Naples, where the founder’s grandfather worked in such important textile companies. He passes on his experience to the Lombard Silk District, where he starts his textile business in Mariano Comense.

Between classical dance auditions and fashion design studies, Claudia joins the family business, from which she inherits manual skills, passion for Italian craftsmanship and a lot of creative energy.

But everyone lives for their dreams and she, like her grandfather, wants to channel these energies into a project that has the colors of her imagination. In 2016 the Atelier CLAUDE Milano was born, the temple of Claudia’s visions: creativity with a touch of 80’s taste, embroidered jacquard dresses, unique prints and bright colors, velvets and precious silks.

A story “out of time”

Claude Milano stands out from the time of fashion. Its style is far from passing trends: true to itself with a defined brand identity. Claudia wants to dress up women who know exactly what they want.

The styles and fabrics are designed to be versatile and therefore current on any occasion, in harmony with the uniqueness of those who chose them.

The business rhythms also do not belong to the fashion’s frenzy world but are responsible and measured.

The garments are produced according to the real demand, to avoid waste of fabric: any remaining material is transformed by Claudia’s creativity into new objects of style following the circle of sustainability.

A story to be passed on

Claudia is constantly looking for small laboratories and meticulous Italian realities: her intention is to preserve the Italian artistic heritage and contribute to its stylistic continuity. But the dream does not end: she would like to start an Academy of craftsmanship and manual skill, where to welcome young talents to pass on the art of embroidery and knowledge of fabrics, as her grandfather did with her.