About us

This brand’s project is born from the passion for creation and design. Every season we are inspired by images that give life to our creative process to tell new stories through refined prints on cotton, silk and viscose. Claude Milano dresses a sophisticated woman, the age is not important, as long as she loves colours, prints and diversity.

A defined taste, and, at the same time, a combination of classic and modern, patterns and geometrical shapes using velvets ad jacquards. What makes us different is the use of refined textile, a constant research and a touch of uniqueness

Our company

I started the Claude Milano project in 2014 driven by the passion for this job and the love of Made in Italy. I believe in feeling good with the dress you are wearing, which must represent personality, taste and your own style, and I believe in the harmony between the garment and the uniqueness of the woman who wears it. The traits of the brand: quality and a strong personality in the search for fabrics and prints. In every collection we combine three elements: character, personality and taste which, as for a culinary recipe, generate harmony and magic.  The basis of our daily creative process is the research for new techniques for the treatment of fabrics, the study of new solutions to create original prints. The garments that we design are produced in Italy by artisans cooperatives who support us, with their skills, in the creation of the product.
Claudia Monarca

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