The dress, the quintessential symbol of femininity, the garment that enhances the silhouette of every woman, resolves indecisions in front of the wardrobe, confronts and satisfies the need for practicality capable of dressing a woman with a single gesture.

A perfect selection of Taylor Made dresses for all variations of style. Each model is suitable for any moment of the day: from the slippery and casual ones for leisure time, to the more structured and modern sheath dresses for the office, from the most romantic patterned dresses to dresses for your glamorous evenings. Trends with a classic or current style, casual or evening, short or long dresses, fine fabrics, velvets, silks, viscose, jacquards: the must-haves to express every personality and every need.

From collection to collection we try to intrigue you in offering you new prints and captivating silhouettes to enrich your wardrobe and your desire for femininity and seduction.