How to turn on a total black look


It is perhaps the most beloved color-not color ever: black, defined as achromatic because obtained from the synthesis of all the colors of the spectrum, for our culture is often associated with formal occasions.

The elegance of black never goes out of fashion

Fashion loves black and so also many fashion addicted who would never separate themselves from a suit or a dress dyed in the shades of the king of colors. A black garment made famous in fashion history? The petit robe noir designed by Hubert Givenchy that Audrey Hepburn wore for a very special breakfast, in front of the window of Tiffany, in the famous movie in 1961. It is said that anyone should keep at least one black dress in their closet. Rule that you can easily extend to all types of garments: it is always good to have a black version of everything, from cashmere sweater to patent pumps.

But always wearing black is not even a simple choice: the risk of looking excessively dark is around the corner. The possibilities to break and turn up a total black look are many and depend on the type of outfit worn. How to turn on a total black look, then? Jacket and skirt suit to break with a colored shirt or long dress to turn up with a printed belt?

Here are some tips from CLAUDE Milano for inspiration!

How to turn on a total black look by CLAUDE Milano

CLAUDE’s collections never lack of black garments, despite the strong passion for the combination of bright colors such as bougainvillea. The Fall Winter 2021 collection “Dolce Risveglio” offers a very feminine tuxedo suit in velvet and silk, suitable for very chic evening occasions. The short jacket is combined with the Selene pants that have a perfect and modern fit.

how to turn on a total black look

How to break this refined total black look? When wearing a suit it is advisable to play with the blouse worn under the jacket. In full CLAUDE style, the Maria shirt is the perfect match for those who love black, but do not want to give up a sparkle of color as the iconic Iris Apfel says referring to the famous minimalist motto, More is more and less is a bore. The Maria shirt is made of soft orange viscose and the reflections are even brighter because they reflect the shiny effect of the viscose with which it is produced. It is a classic shirt buttoned on the front that will illuminate the black velvet suit

how to turn on a total black look

Another valid (but less sparkling) alternative to turn on a total black look: the Clarissa shirt, which is embellished by the Zen print, one of the exclusive designs of CLAUDE made in soft silkThe scarf detail that comes down from the collar of the shirt will turn on the black look. Note also the detail of the ruffles on the wrist. 

how to turn on a total black look

But don’t forget: the importance of a light make-up if you do not want to weigh down the dark effect of the total black look and the addition of jewelry that does not dominate the outfit, but exalt it in all its black splendor.

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