How to dress for a job interview?


We know it well: looking for a job is effectively a job. When you succeed in the goal of setting a job interview you are not allowed to fail. The first impression, which could also have an influence on the candidate’s professionalism, passes mainly from the body attitude: how you move, you talk, your scent and of course what you wear.

In the last two years in which the pandemic has reduced life within the four walls of our homes, even meetings and conversations have been limited to virtual video calls. The first impression which was mostly concentrated on the physical aspect, had to focus on the outfit from the waist up. Now that we begin to adopt a mixed form between physical and digital interviews, a total look is again a key player to leave the right impression. 

So, how to dress for a job interview?

What to wear to a job interview: dress or suit?

Given that the answer to the question “how to dress for a job interview?” often depends on the area you are applying for, there is a common rule to follow: leave nothing to chance. Study your outfit for a job interview in every detail: from the coat to the shoes.

If you are about to be interviewed at this time of year, when the weather is getting more and more cold, there are two good alternatives to wear for your business appointment: depending on how you feel more at ease you can choose between a suit combined with a shirt and a midi/long dress with long sleeves.

Outfit for a job interview: Claude Milano’s suggestions

Among the new garments of the Fall Winter 2021 collection by CLAUDE Milano, the choice falls on the stretch corduroy suit to be combined with a silk shirt or on a long printed dress.

The suit is composed by the Mia corduroy stretch cotton jacket with shawl collar, one-button closure and printed inner lining, and the Zoe pant, with wide-leg silhouette that extends on the hem slightly to the foot. The fabric of this garment is stretch so as to adapt better to the different body shapes, thus resulting both elegant and comfortable at the same time. This suit is available in color bougainvillea and eucalyptus.

The look can be completed by the Clarissa silk shirt: the all-over print also decorates the detail of the scarf applied to the collar of this V-neck blouse. Its most particular charm is the sleeve that ends with a ruffle obtained by the effect of elastic curling on the cuff.

We suggest you to wear it with a formal shoe as a brown or black leather moccasin or a classic black pump.

As an alternative to the suit, why not try a long dress that makes you feel comfortable and even more confident on such an important occasion? In the Fall Winter 2021 collection by CLAUDE Milano, the Nina dress is the perfect choice: made of printed and stretched silk, cool and comfortable at the same time. The silhouette of the dress is flared thanks to the stitching on the hips. The boat neckline and the bell sleeve are the details that make it refined. With its midi length the Nina dress can be completed by a high ankle boot or by your favorite pump.  

How to dress for your special job interview?

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