Claude Milano’s ingredients: female entrepreneurship, Made in Italy craftsmanship and love for creation. 


CLAUDE Milano is an Italian style recipe. Ingredients? Creative strength, passion for artisanal fashion and love for its own incredible country. Since 2016 Claudia Monarca is responsible for this colorful mix, in which she has been dosing her personal sense of style and quality, reflecting her vision of Italian taste and craftsmanship. CLAUDE Milano collections are short stories of Italian fabrics, original prints and identities. 

The story of Claudia, the founder of CLAUDE

Claudia’s personal story is made of dreams and courage, risks and resourcefulness. Employed in the family’s textile company in Mariano Comense, Claudia in her spare time dedicates herself to small creative projects, creating even her own line of bags. Knowing the largest Italian district in the production of silk puts her in contact with local realities that become valuable allies when in 2016 she decides to realize her big dream: create her own Womenswear Collection.

The solitary work of the beginning soon turns into a collaboration with many hands and minds: Claudia welcomes in her atelier equally courageous women, with the same common ideas: respect, esteem and value. Her colleagues strongly believe in CLAUDE Milano and also in Claudia. United by the same values, the love for research, attention to detail and the Italian quality, CLAUDE’s Team dedicates passion and time to grow the brand remaining faithful to the original principles of style and creation of the Made in Italy. 

The value of Made in Italy for CLAUDE

What does “Made in Italy” mean for CLAUDE Milano? It is above all a thought of care, excellence and attention to quality that generates uniqueness. It refers to the Italian spirit, a lifestyle that is not modified by the cyclical changes of fashion, but that digs into the identity of that thought and brings you an eternal image. The value that CLAUDE brings is an idea of stylistic uniqueness: each one has its own taste. Men and women cannot recognize themselves in trends because they run out of time, while style is able to reflect each one’s ideas and even contradictions. 

CLAUDE naturally embraces this idea of Italian spirit, because it is born with a very precise identity and recognizable intention: the prints created and uniquely designed by Claudia are the brand’s signature, as well as precious velvets with floral embroidery, soft viscoses, delicate silks and rich jacquards. 

Claudia, humble but ambitious, with her activity wants to contribute to the enhancement of the Italian territory. Being ‘Made in Italy’ also means supporting a network of excellent Italian companies that produce high quality fabrics. Starting from the suppliers in the area of Como to which Claudia entrusts the production of fine silks and viscose but also discovering new talents and virtuous Italian companies that can work in synergy with its’ Team.